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Why I love my Uggs

It was mid-2019 when I embarked on my UGG journey with my first pair of real UGG boots. I was convinced by one of my colleagues saying that hers were “like a warm hug for your feet”. That night, I went home and ordered a pair.Β 

The first time I put them on, I knew I was hooked. They are so warm and so comfortable and dare I say it, come in some really stylish versions that are not the traditional one everyone thinks of when they say UGG boots (although there are many that are the traditional form), that you no longer need to sacrifice style for warmth.Β 

I now have several pairs of – as I like to call them – “hUGG boots”. I have actual boots a grey pair and a tan pair, a pair of platform sneakers and since Christmas, a lovely pair of pink slippers. I also bought my husband a pair of slippers for Christmas – which he wears all of the time.

My slippers, obviously, get the most wear. I slip my feet into them at 4:30am every morning when I let the dogs out and instantly feel the warm hug. An unexpected advantage has been that the pain in my legs that I didn’t realise was from walking on cold tiled floors, has disappeared – I’d like to thank my hUGG slippers for that!

As with all things in life, you get what you pay for – and footwear is no exception to this rule. UGGs are not the cheapest footwear around – but they are great quality! I don’t regret for a second the investment I made in my hUGG boots and will readily admit that I am always keeping an eye out for the next pair to add to my collection!

If you suffer from cold feet (or hands – they make mittens too), I highly recommend thinking about investing in a pair of UGGs. How joyous it is to slip them on and feel that warm hug on tired, cold feet!

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