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Spend vs Save: Vintage Print art

Vintage prints are a fabulous decor item that invites a bit of sentimentality and history into your home. Typically, they are a graphic design in classic mid-century modern colours and lines. A vintage print with a wide-spaced mat around it looks fabulous!

If you have access to a decent sized colour printer and a handy knack at DIY, then you can create for yourself some fabulous, budget-friendly art pieces. Target, Kmart and Big W, all sell frames, some of them with mats included that can be used to support such a project. On the other hand, if you don’t have the time or inclination to create your own, then the stores are selling the same prints already framed and ready to go. Many of them are currently on sale and therefore comparable in price to a DIY project.

The three pictures below, are pieces that hang in my home that I created from colour A3 prints on normal white paper in A2 frames. I collected the images for free at free classic images. (linked below).

Below are some of my favourite free vintage prints. Accessible at no cost from Free Classic Images.

There are plenty to choose from to suit your style and vintage inklings. I happen to like the travel posters, but there are many other options available.

Free print
Free print
Free Print
Free print

If you are time poor or not really the DIY personality, then many of the prints are available in retail shops like Zanui. I believe that they are already framed. Some of the designs are identical, so it really is a question of whether you have the patience to DIY or would you rather just open th parcel and mount on your wall?

Retail print
Retail print
Retail print
Retail print

There are many options for spend vs save in the home decor world. This is the beginning of a series dedicated to thrifty options available to those of us with a DIY inclination and/or budget. As you can see, with a bit of patience and research, the outcome can be nearly identical.

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