Tasmania’s Tiny Doors

“If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…” (Jimmy Kennedy, 1932)

You may not find teddy bears having a picnic, but then again you might – what is for certain, is, that if you are in the right woods, then you might just spot Tasmania’s tiny doors! Tucked away in a secret (unless you know where it is – obviously) location, some new inhabitants have made Tasmania their home. To date, there are six little doors with, to my knowledge, about eight new inhabitants. I say this, having not met the inhabitants myself, but a friend of a friend has filled me in.

As to the exact species of inhabitants, I am uncertain – they could be fairies or elves, goblins or pixies, smurfs or gnomes – or a mixture of all of the magical small folk living together in a magical melting pot society.

Introductions please...

At number 1, the resident, Elton – fondly known as ‘the rocket man’, has a desire to reach the stars. He is a collector of shiny trinkets and climbs to the top of his tree to view the world spreading out beneath him. He is an adventurer and great friends with the resident of number 4.

Bob and Denise at number 2, are the grandparents to the residents of number 3. They are retired and getting a little bit forgetful, as we all do when our brains are full of information. Denise loses her glasses regularly and Bob has a dodgy left knee. Denise is an avid baker with a flare for apple pies, Bob fancies himself a bit of a handy man. 

Mischevious J and JJ are siblings at number 3. I believe that they are the youngest residents to move in to the woods. They love a good practical joke and enjoy making music. One plays the bass and the other is a drummer.  Apparently, they came to Tassie on the Spirit! I hear that their parents are yet to move in. 

Who would live behind this door other than someone with a love of all things sparkly? Tiffany at number 4, is also a collector and friends with Elton at number 1. She particularly likes things that twinkle in the moonlight.

Number 5 is an elegant door, covered in golden bling. It seems that the inhabitant of this one, Spiros, has a decadent sense of style. He is the neighbourhood meeter and greeter and values nothing higher than family.

At number 6, we find the matriarch of the community, hippie at heart and keeper of the justice – Daisy. She lovingly endeavours to keep balance in the neighbourhood. I imagine she is one of those powerful women who looks sweet as pie – until you step out of line! She is a lover of nature and all things botanical.

As it turns out, the inhabitants love to communicate with the day-dwellers who visit! They invest some of their time in using the age-old method of letter-writing to keep in touch and have provided a means to receive a postal service nearby.

Hidden away on the eastern shore looking over the Derwent, I can see why the inhabitants have made this place their home. There is wildlife aplenty and a joyful collection of day-dwellers who bring treasures for the inhabitants to find when the stars come out. They have built a community and appear to be having a great time interacting with the locals. As with so many new estates in Tasmania, I expect that this one may continue to grow. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more tiny doors and the new inhabitats who live behind them.

Who do you think live behind Tasmania’s tiny doors?

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