Styling Interior Spaces

Inspiration to create the interior spaces you want.

Interior style is finding that sense of space and decor where you feel at peace. With personal style, its being comfortable in your own skin, with interiors, its that sense of calm when you enter the room.

The value of Art

Art has the power to transform a room or even the mood of a house – particularly if it is curated into a style collection. Art can be one of the most expensive investments that you might make in your life, or it can be a budget project knocked together over a weekend. The magic behind art lies in its ability to evoke emotion and connection. It might spark joy or fear; peace or activity; memory or hope. Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder and is a very personal thing. 

My husband, for example, loves a good bit of surrealism, I, however, prefer a high contrast bit of nature photography. Needless to say, our home is an eclectic mix of abstract art, photographs and landscapes (painted by family). It works though, because we treat the art in one of two ways – by colour theme in a room or in a mixed gallery.

Art can be a beautiful photograph, an acrylic painting, an oil masterpiece – or more commonly now, a fantastic mixed media ensemble. The important thing to remember is you need the right piece for the place. Art should, in my opinion, draw your eye. It should make you want to stand up close and immerse yourself in it – even for just a moment. 

This beautiful image, for example, was taken by my husband in Antwerp. It has a lovely balance of light and dark; yellow tones and blue tones; old and new and hangs in a white frame with a white matt against our navy blue walls. It is just right for out bedroom, but, alas, would be completely out of its depth in our lounge room – which is airy and light. 

The value of empty space

To create peace and a sense of calm, there needs to be room to breathe. The current trend in all white spaces plays into this need. White creates visual space. Our busy lives and chaotic mental states are creating more and more need for that escape at home. The rise in certain types of decor, for example, coastal Hamptons, Scandi and Minimalist, are indicative of our need as a society to find more balance in our lives and have a space at home to switch off from the world outside. Like everything, there is a balance to be maintained. A too empty space removes the comforts of relaxation. Too much contrast creates tense energy rather than relaxing energy. 

Creating space starts with decluttering. As a bit of a hoarder and active DIY practitioner, this bit challenges me. The trick is to have a space and storage system in place that allows you to keep all of those useful items out of sight. It also helps to have an occassional brutal clean out. Take everything out of the space you would like to restyle, give the space a thorough clean and then, mindfully, start putting your big pieces back in. Where possible, move them off the walls – couches for example, are less heavy in a space when you can move all of the way around them. Look at your furniture, does it sit flatly on the floor or does it have legs that create visual space beneath it? Legged furniture will give you more space in a room by allowing the eye to slightly wander under the furniture. Glass too, will add space by allowing you to see through it.

Create your space purposefully and with thoughtful consideration. Use colour, decor and art to create interest so that your space is welcoming and not stark. Make sure every room has a reason for being and then use it accordingly. When you mind doesn’t have to think and manage a barage of information, it will be calmer and you will be able to find your inner peace just by stepping into the room.

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