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Stunning stylish lamps to suit your style

Lamps are one of those stunning decor items that perform double duty and are well worth investing in. They are easy to move from one room to another, can be carried from the old house to the new house should you move, and light up a dark corner with the flick of a switch. They provide decoration, balance and focus. A matching pair of lamps brings formality and a sense of order, while a single standout piece can anchor a room or force you to lift the eye up. They are a great piece to redirect attention and break up the dominant lines in a room. The humble lamp is well worth considering if you are looking to add character and style to a space.

Worth noting, is the propensity for the Australian fusion to occur – that happy blend of a lifetime of aquisitions that become an ecclectic mix of function and aesthetics. In most parts of Australia, it is not our natural tendency to start fresh without good reason – perhaps a move from one side of the country to the other, moving out of home for the first time, or rebuilding from a devastating disaster. The norm for most of us though, is to acquire something new at random and then try to incorporate it into our existing decor.

The Australian fusion allows a random collection of items to form a cohesive whole through natural experimentation or trial and error. It means that the piece we just brought, home without any real plan or intention, is bound to fit somewhere somehow. We tend to move it around our home until we find the place we love it – and then, it lives there (sometimes for decades). If you have a space in your own home, whether that be an interior designed theme or your own personal blend of Australian fusion, that is just missing something – try a lamp.

Lamps are functional decor. The design process behind them is extensivly researched and developed. From the base to the shade to the bulb, all is carefully managed to make the perfect lamp. It is up to the consumer to select that one that appeals most to them and find it a loving home. Lamps are one of those items that have travelled through time with humanity as we have journeyed from our earliest days through our technological revolutions. They are tried and tested and worth considering for your decor.

The selection below are characterised by style – but please note, that style is subjective to context and location. Many of the lamps cross the style boundaries and quite easily fit into a different style category, depending upon the context within which they might be placed. So please keep in mind, that the groupings are flexible and somewhat fluid. Please enjoy your exploration into these stunning stylish lamps!

Mid-Century Modern

Key inspiration words: sharp, stark lines, practical, post-war, Mad Men, 50s, vintage, urban, timeless, retro, warm,  Manhattan.

Coastal Hamptons

Key inspiration words: open, light, nautical, salvaged, sophiticated, natural, organic, white, summery, cool, bright, beachy, linen.

Provincial Chic

Key inspiration words: French country, shabby, authentic, cast iron, pottery, wicker, linen, weathered, mellow, copper, tufted, carved, ornate, 1700s, relaved, terracotta, aged.

Hollywood Regency

Key inspiration words: glitz, bold,  hotel foyer, colour, contrast, opulence, comfort, mirrored, metallic, glass, golden.

Country Rustic

Key inspiration words: unsophisticated, pastoral, agricultural, sustainable, organic, rugged, natural, earthy, aged, wood, rock, unpretentious.

Art deco - Gatsby

Key inspiration words: ornate, geometric, curves, 1920s, marble, glamour, luxury, craftmanship, symmetry, chrome, gold, exuberant, First-class, decorative.

Oriental Zen

Key inspiration words: calm, light, open, flowing, airy, balance, peaceful, spa-like, serene, minimal, spacious, contemplative, grey, white.


Key inspiration words: raw, heavy, substantial, rough, utilitarian, warehouse, upcycled, practical, black, metal, bold, brick, exposed, minimal, neutral, loft, edgy.

Bohemian Gypsy

Key inspiration words: free-spirited, wild, vintage, exotic, earthy, natural, hippie, cultural, carefree, artisinal, relaxed, ecclectic.


Key inspiration words: calm, open, functional, organic, light, natural, narrow, minimal, decluttered, connected, accurate, clean, lifestyle, wood, muted, co-ordinated, pastel.


Key inspiration words: extravagant, avante garde, ecclectic, unique, bohemian, curious, unusual, meaningful, absurd, silly, humourous, colourful, celebration, confident, imperfect, joyful, maximal, playful.


Key inspiration words: antique, formal, functional, Federation, elegant, deliberate, planned, balanced, anchored, weighted.


Key inspiration words: current, now, stone, concrete, fluid, curves, natural, present, dynamic, future, prominent, neutral, pops of colour, pure, wood, leather, cold, fusion, clean, balanced, stark.

For the Young at Heart


Key inspiration words: magical, mystical, wonderous, whimsical, opulent, fantastical, mysterious, dramatic, colourful, pastel, flowing, free-spirited, adventurous.


Key inspiration words: mechanical, metal, mechanised, leather, functional, Industrial Revolution, cogs, workings, salvaged, vintage, tarnished, historical, aviation, copper, brass, wrought iron, machines.


Key inspiration words: adventurous, wanderlust, exotic, worldly, nautical, travel, rustic, luggage, chests, globes, safari, treasures, beachy, antique, hardwood.

Girly Glam

Key inspiration words: feminine, delicate, pink, candy, glamorous, luxurious, maximal, plush, soft, feathers, velvet, glittery, upscale, curved, fur, pale, pastel, shine, crystal, mirror, metal, pearl, full, sleek.

I know this was a big one – took me a long time to do, but I hope it was helpful. There is an absolutely amazing world of stunning stylish lamps out there. Have a look, explore and let your light shine!

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