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Skin Update July 2020

When I start thinking about spring crops for my garden, it is also time to transition my skincare regimen. As previously stated, during the autumn-winter months, I am working on recovering the sun-damage on my face using the R+F Reverse regimen. The combination of Vit C and retinol works wonders on my sun-damage, but also makes you more sensitive to new sun-damge if exposed to too much UV light. In Tasmania, we have a lot of UV light!

As a gardener, I spend a lot of time outdoors in the warmer and more UV exposed months, so transitioning my skincare regimen is important. For the past two years, I have moved to the Redefine regimen in the spring-summer months. It is more for anti-aging than sun damage, and as such, has a more gentle formulation – it kind of feels like a spa treatment!

Here is the update photo and the one where it all began in August 2018. Now, remember, we are looking at the sun-damage – as this has been the focus of my attention. By sun-damage, I’m primarily referring to the blotchy dsicolourations (melasma) that randomly appear on your skin once you hit a certain age – not the freckles, which are genetic. Keep in mind also, that I am two years older in the top image than the bottom.

What I see when I compare these images is:


  1. A huge reduction in the sun-damage melasma.
  2. Brighter, clearer skin.
  3. A slight reduction in wrinkles, particularly around the eyes – but that is my new focus.

So it is a pretty good result – I think – for the effort of a morning and evening skincare regimen.  I have had no chemical peels or laser treatments. I simply cleanse, tone, moisturise and sunscreen.

The new focus, as mentioned in a prior post, is the dark circles and the bags under my eyes. I have been working on that for about a week now, and that will form part of the new skincare regimen as I transition between Reverse and Redefine for the summer months.

Transitioning is important because your skin needs time to adjust to the chemicals in the formulations. It will do no skin any favours to just dive in to a new skincare treatment – in fact, the likely result is irritation and a reluctance to continue – this is why we end up with a lot of unfinished tubes about the bathroom and bedside table. If, however, you gradually transition over a period of 3 weeks, your skin will be receptive to new treatments and you a likely to find great success.

On this website, there is access to a Skintool – this helps you to narrow down and focus your most pressing skin need. There are no obligations, just suggestions – really worth a try.


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