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Skin hydration treatments have become more prominent since we all found out about hyaluronic acid and its magical water holding properties. Admittedly, as I have aged, the need to hydrate has become more pressing – particularly when I put makeup around my eyes. The thinning skin in that area looked worse and worse with powdered make-up, until I bit the bullet and shifted the bulk of my make-up to creams.

I’ve spoken before about the sun damage on my skin, which I am using the R+F Reverse regimen to correct, but I am also attempting to add hydration and help some of the more papery (I believe the correct term is crepey) areas – become less so. Let me tell you, that moment when the skin under your eyes, beneath your neck or on the back of your hands becomes papery is a bit of a shocker! The texture and lack of elasticity is a powerful reminder that you are aging and the shift from 30s skin to 40s skin is a bit of a wake-up call – well, it was for me!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been adding some hydration therapies from R+F into my routine – and, unsurprisingly, loving the results! I started slowly with a bit of serum into my normal Reverse regimen, but have now added the body hydration and lip treatment as well. My neck, which you might recall is one of my problem areas, looks so much better in such a short time – I’m hooked!

Now, I wouldn’t say I’m a victim to advertising, but every so often I did get a bit curious – like the time Ellen suddenly looked a whole lot younger and it was revealed that she was using a combination of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Well I tried it, I reacted and then didn’t bother for a while. I also tried the Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 for a year – and to be honest, when I stopped using it, I didn’t really notice the difference. After moving to Tasmania, I tried Clarins – and was loving it- except for the expense and that I needed to get other treatments aswell – to get all of my problem areas – which is not unusual – but figuring out what order to use them in was troublesome. It’s an important thing to know because it changes the efficacy of the product.

A few years on and I find myself looking for an alternative to Clarins. Clarins is great, but a little more complicated than what I was chasing – and to be fair, is still my make-up of choice. Anyway, I’m diving into the deep, deep realm of youtube and happen across people testing R+F products. There were a couple of younger women reviewing for blemish-prone skin treatment, another for sun damage and two women who had just become consultants and were exploring their options. My interest was piqued – but this is one of those products that you cannot just buy off the counter – I’d need to find a consultant and it was so new to Australia, that I didn’t have a clue where to look for one of those.

Coincidently, or serendipitously as it has turned out,  my husband is chatting with an optometrist in the US about contact lenses, and it turns out that she is an R+F consultant! I get all my questions answered by an expert. Later that day, I completed my first skin solution tool and ordered the Reverse regimen. A couple of years have passed since then and the tables have turned – realising how good these products are, and how they can change your skin for the better, I wanted to make the journey easier for others – now, I’m the consultant!

You see – the R+F products work – absolutely, and, they are easy to use – there is a regimen you follow, some additions (like hydration) that you work into your regimen and your skin just gets better and better!

This has been a long-winded way of saying, I guess, that my new R+F hydration products are working very well. As the instructions state, I slip them in after cleansing and toning, but before moisturising – and lovely supple skin is the result! Happy days!

[R+F consultants have a global base – because it is primarily an online service, you don’t need a local consultant – as long as you have a consultant’s name to pop in when you create your online account – you are good to go.]

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