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Seeing Stars

Stars have been a pattern of choice off and on, but their recent rise to stardom, I believe, was through Stella McCartney’s Elyse Platforms. Truly, they are a fabulous shoe if you can afford the splurge. Having a metallic finish and a statement platform makes them a piece worth yearning after. Alas, many of us cannot afford such a stellar pair of shoes, but there are other options to embrace the stars.

If it’s emulating the Stella shoes, there are a couple of more affordable options available – of course, they don’t quite have the oomph of the Stella pair, but the idea is present in the design and construction of these options from Styletread.

I love a good star print. Placing it on a boot or shoe, is a nice way to take a chance on something small – step out of your comfort zone rather than leap! A piece of jewellery would do the same.

However, if you are less particular about the placement of the star and willing to dive in head-first, then here are some other options to consider available from Nasty Gal.

Stars are equivalent, yet sharper than the simple polka-dot. They give the same vibe but with a quirky surprise. If you are a polka-dot lover, then stars are probably also one for you. If you have trouble wearing print, then small stars, like smaller polka-dots, are a great option. 

Note: I apologise for all of the puns – they just kept rising to the surface!

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