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The Scarf Secret

There is a reason the French have so many words for the simple scarf – they know the scarf secret!

This magical device will change your style!

The scarf is more than a winter tool for adding warmth – though it certainly is capable of doing that. Once you learn a few different ways to wrap a scarf, the world begins to change and opportunities start to rise.

Let’s consider the opportunities a well worn scarf provides:

  1. If chosen well, it can bring your best colours to your face. This means that your skin will light up and your eyes will pop!
  2. A scarf can redirect the light that lands on and about your face – thus shifting the way it settles in fine lines and change the position of shadows. A lack of shadows and lines equals a reduction in the signs of aging.
  3. A scarf can be used to visually divide your body into long, slimming lines – this gives the illusion of more height and less width!
  4. Creating a V-shape in the front not only adds warmth, but also beautifully hides any mid-life tummy extra padding.
  5. They can smarten a plain outfit into something spectacular or soften a rigid outfit into something more relaxed.
  6. A scarf can substitute for a necklace and earrings – bringing, as previously noted, the good colours toward your face.
  7. It can add pattern or contrast to make anotherwise simple or monochromatic outfit shine.
  8. If the scarf is big enough, it can double as a top, sarong, skirt or blanket.
  9. They are an excellent tool for figuring out your best colours.

If you have a warm skin undertone, then colours that make you feel warm when you look at them will be your best wardrobe additions. Look for fiery reds and oranges, thick yellows, rich blues and rusty browns. Some people will suit clear bright colours, others more muddy muted colours.Β 

Scarves for people with a cooller undertone will feel cool and fresh when you look at them – think pale bluish pinks, pale blues, muddy browns, lemons, black and white. Again, some people will suit the clear, bright colours, whilst others will look great in muddy and muted colour ways.

If you don’t already know your best colours, bring a scarf up in front of you. Try different reds, for example, some of them will make you light up (these are your colours), others will wash you out and possibly, make you look haggard – obviously, avoid these!

If you are looking for something to give an extra pop to your style, outfit or complexion – then try a scarf in your best colour. Embrace the flexibility, the transformational ability and the magic that is the scarf!

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