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Re-imagining my skin

My skin journey began when I looked in the mirror and day-after-day, I didn’t like what was happening to my skin. It seemed that new pigmentation blotches were appearing every week and the skin across my decolletage was deteriorating at a rapid pace. My friends, many of whom are quite a bit older than I am, did not seem to be showing the same degredation. To be fair, it was my own fault – too much time in the sun, too little sun protection, but here I was, with a problem to solve – and so I did!

Being scientifically and historically trained, I researched. I read what I could, watched so many videos that my head felt like it was turning inside out and I started the journey of trying products. I saw the advertisements and dived into the readily available commercial moisturisers and anti-aging formulations – with little impact. Granted, there were a few that appeared to help, but they were masking rather than fixing my concerns and then I found R + F Reverse.

My primary concern is the sun damage and pigmentation. My secondary concern are the wrinkles appearing from years of repeated actions with my face – I have surprise lines from raising my eye brows at my students for over 25 years! Thankfully, they are not frown lines – I like to think that this is years of evidence of student engagement. Evidence, I hope, of the thousands of creative questions that I have had to respond to over the years. I digress. 

When I discovered R+F, it was by a chance convergence of my husband’s global contacts in optometry and my research – meeting at one point – R+F! After years of unsuccessful product experimentation on my part, this was just the next step in the evolution of my skin journey – but this is working, so this is where it will continue!

I had a go at the skin solution tool. It identified which products would work best to address my concerns and so I ordered them – the Reverse regimen. It wasn’t cheap, but I was getting desperate. It was August 2018 when I started, and now, at the time of writing this – we have just ticked over into May 2020. After less than two years of use – and a digression in summer months to reduce sun sensitivity – here are the results on the right side of my face:

Consider that I am almost 2 years older in the picture on the right than in the one on the left. I am not wearing any makeup. Look at the skin on my cheek, and my neck for that matter. I have not finished with the Reverse regimen – in fact, I’d say that I am still in the early phases, but I am happy with the results. My skin is clearer, brighter, losing some of the worrying sun induced pigmentation and firming up – so my wrinkles are also less pronounced. I’m currently doing nothing special other than following the regimen. I’m not yet microneedling or putting additional serums or hyaluronic acid on (I do have plans for that though), but one step at a time. I confidently look in the mirror now, knowing that day-by-day my skin is improving!

This isn’t going the be the magic fix for everyone – though statistically, it leans very much towards success. If your skin journey has reached a stale-mate, then I highly recommend having a go. The worst thing that could happen is you don’t like the products and apply for a refund, but the best thing that could happen, is that you love your skin again!

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