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Pretty Pendants – lights with character

Lighting is an excellent way to immediately add impact to a room. Pretty pendants are lights with character and style that instantly provide an interesting focal point to a room. As they are suspended lower than the ceiling, they fill a void in the space that is often left unattended. If you are looking for something to up your wow factor – then explore the world of pendant lights.

The difference between a chandelier and a pendant light is changing as modern lighting technologies become available. Traditionally, a chandelier was a branching series of lights, used for mood lighting more so than a more practical, single pendant light. The lines are now blurring between the two forms as we integrate more styles into our decor and have access to innovations in materials and technology. There was a time when a pendant light held a single globe, but that is no longer the case and there is more similiarity between a pendant and a chandelier than ever before!

The great thing about pendants now, is that they come in all forms, textures and materials. Whether you are seeking an industrial masterpiece or something far more sedate, there are multiple pendant lights to suit your needs. Personally, I prefer a pendant that has air space in or around it so that it doesn’t bring the weight of the ceiling down. Perhaps, you have higher ceiling and can afford the mass that a more solid piece brings.

So, if there is something missing from your decor and you just can’t put your finger on what it is – chances are a pendant light will help fill the gap. Generally, they are not a DIY item and need to be installed by a qualified electrician. However, the extra expense is worth paying to make sure that it is done right – particularly if you are investing in a statement piece. Pretty pendant lights help to fill an otherwise empty space with something fantastic and eye-catching – they are well worth considering in your home decor.

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