Outdoor Living – styling exterior spaces

Inspiration to bring the comfort and style of the indoors to outdoor spaces.

Remember those days...

There was a time when outdoor furniture meant an aluminium framed chair with a woven, striped, plastic strip seat. Granted they were light-weight and easy to transport, but not the most comfortable of experiences. We all had them, and that meant, of course, they were the norm. I grew up knowing with absolute certainty, that that was outdoor furniture. We had the awkward umbrella that never really stood up, the tuppaware serving items and the plastic chairs – and that was outdoor living.

Much to my surprise, Pinterest has quite the collection of these images. If you are from a generation on the younger side of Gen Y, you may not have actually seen these little beauties in the flesh. Let me tell you – they were not particularly comfortable, you couldn’t lean back on them particularly well before they collapsed and you ended up on the ground, and they had an a amazing dedication to curious colour patterns.

Out with the old, in with the new...

Fortunately, technologies and products have developed to such an extent that we now have wonderful outdoor furniture selections for our outdoor living spaces – and even the transportable versions, though still not particularly pretty, are a lot more functional. Some of the furniture and associated decor is so lovely that it could blend seamlessly into our indoor lives.  Who wouldn’t want this lovely set either indoors or outdoors?

The transition between indoor living and outdoor living has blended into a fabulously comfortable and stylish experience for consumers (providing the chance of rain is minimal). The outdoor space is now another part of the dedicated living area. It is a breakout space, a place to entertain and a place to relax and connect with nature. We now care that our outdoor living is just as nice and presentable as our indoor living. The outdoor living aesthetic matters to us. We have been exposed to a plethora of renovation and rejuvination shows since the late 80s and we have embraced all that they promised. 

Outdoor living is no longer the dodgy brick barbeque in the corner of the yard. It is dedicated outdoor kitchens and grand spaces featuring televisions and fire places. It is a place to entertain year round; a place to be civilised and share memories with friends and families. A place to style and decorate like any other part of your home.  It is a place to show off your insta-perfect life!

Outdoor spaces can be daunting to decorate and style – there are additional factors to consider. Start slow, build your confidence in what you like and want. Build layers until both your style and desired aesthetic are achieved. If all else fails, start with a set and build on it. Remember that weather resistant is not weather proof and too much moisture is always a bad thing. Above all, remember that this is a place for you to live – keep your desire for perfection in check – some of the time, life should be messy!

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