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October Skin Update

This journey began in earnest two years ago when I realised that my skin was aging quicker than I would like and I could do something about it. I took small steps at first, because – well, I didn’t really know better. Skin ages – it is what happens. It had been aging all of my life – but when I noticed the rapid increase in the rate of aging shortly after I turned 40, I decided to see what I could do about it.

You have heard this story before – the end result is that I found Rodan & Fields products. Since then, one improvement has led to another. Currently, I trying a 3-pronged approach:

  1. Skin care regimen + hydration using R+F products.
  2. Collagen and skin-friendly supplements from The Beauty Chef.
  3. A touch of IPL.

In addition, I am also using make-up in a different way.

The pictures below show the start of the official journey (August 2018) and this morning (sans make-up).

Granted, the make-up free face is not always flattering, but here it is anyway. There is just over a 2-year gap between the photos and keep in mind, that I have continued to age in that time – I’m now 46 years of age!

The things worth noting are:

  1. The more even skin colouration and lightening or complete disappearance of sun spot melasma.
  2. Reduction in wrinkles (sagging) around my mouth.
  3. Reduction in deep creases on forehead.
  4. Stabilisation (and some reduction) in the wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around my eyes.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, because its working – and if I can save you the frustration of the process by having already done the research and field tested the process – then why not share it?

So – what am I using?

As mentioned before, I have a different winter to summer routine – and this is based on the impact UV light has with certain anti-aging formulations and treatments.

As we are coming into summer, I have switched from the Reverse regimen to the Redefine regimen. The Reverse regimen is what works on the melasma spots, Redefine is more about reducing signs of aging. All year around I am supplementing the usual regimen with serums. At night, I try to use the roller and Redefine serums at least 3-times per week (I often forget to use the roller). In the morning, I’m using the Enhancement serums and I replace the Clarifying Mask with the Microderm Abrasion paste arounf 3 times per week.

Is it expensive – yes, but this is where becoming a consultant is important. There are certain financial benefits from being a consultant that reduce the cost of skin care considerably.

As far as IPL goes – that’s new and experimental for me – so stay tuned on that one. I’ll get back to you when I have more to say.

To support from the inside, I’m experimenting with the Beauty Chef formulations. So far, the Glow + Collagen combination is working well. There are a couple of other products I’m exploring, one seems to be going well, the other not so much. Needless to say gut health is as important for the skin as for the rest of your body and well-being. So having a diet and supplements that support gut health is important.

Finally, I’m trying to be more careful with make-up – I’m looking for cosmoceuticals that both support the health of the skin as well as decorate it. I have found that R+F and Trinny London both have formulations that are quite good. I have had some success with Trinny London thus far, but a new De-Stress formulation has just been released – I’m waiting on it to arrive (having ordered it this week). I know the R+F Radiant Defence works well, but I’m trying not to put all my eggs in one basket – so I’m giving Trinny London a real go. 

There have been a few teething problems, but as I am now used to the formulations and method of application – I’m getting a bit braver and trying a few more products. Some things, Just a Touch Foundation, for example, I’m loving!

Anyway, this is just the October update – a bit longer to make up for missing September. I hope it helps!

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