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Macrame decor – creating a pot-hanger

Yes, I know, it has been around before, but the new and improved version of that boho chic craft of macrame, is well worth considering for your indoor decor. It is the kind of design piece that is stylish, practical and, believe it or not, easy to DIY! I admit that when I decided I needed a couple of macrame pot-hangers to add to my living space, I immediately looked to buy them. I searched, I couldn’t find what I was looking for and so I bought the materials I needed and made my own!

Let me say, I’m hooked! There was a time in my childhood where we made macrame pot-hangers for craft in primary school – and that was the last time I dived into this knot mastering realm. This said, it took me a few moments to review and learn some pretty knots, and I was off. In under an hour I could create my own custom design, custom length macrame pot-hanger!

I have now created eight hangers using combinations of four different knots. Of course, this has spurred my new indoor plant addiction into high gear – but my home is all the better for it. Understanably, everyone does not have the time or inclination to construct their own hangers (though I highly recommend having a go at it), so pictured below are some retail versions.

Important things to remember when building your own macrame hanger:

  1. It will take a lot more cord than you anticipate.
  2. Some materials are indoor-only materials.
  3. Beads are an optional extra – but they do look great.
  4. Know your pot size before you begin.
  5. Tape the tips of your cord so that they remain intact during the process.

So if you are craving a bit of boho harmony in your space, I’d highly recommend adding the odd macrame pot plant holder to your decor. Not only do they add a touch of casual charm, they also nicely elevate your growing indoor plant collection to perfect viewing height. If you have the time and inclination, try making them yourself – it is a very therapeutic process where you find rhythm and flow. The materials you need are available at places like Bunnings and Spotlight, there are plenty of video tutorials available on Youtube and if you make a mistake – you can simply untie it and start over.

Dive in, it is worth giving it a go!

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