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There is absolutely no need to hide your skin beneath layers of makeup if you take care of it in the first place. Yes – I know there are those with ‘problem’ skin, but there are also ways to manage and support your skin health. The healthier your skin, the less makeup you need, the healthier your skin will be – and so on. It’s what we call a positive feedback loop. As my sun damage has been disappearing with my skin care routine, I have been using less and less foundation and concealer – and my skin is thanking me for it.

We talk a lot about the vision we present to the world, and like it or not, your skin advertsies a lot about you and your attention to detail. Clear, clean and bright skin looks healthier, more polished and professional. So if you have entered a career path, your skin is as important as that blazer and boots for looking like you can do your job well. The added advantage is that clothing, accessories and makeup all look better on healthy skin – and – the better your skin, the less you need to spend on makeup and expensive recovery treatments when the impacts of age start to show.

The important bit to note here is that a skin care routine is important – there is no magic cream that will fix everything. Skin care is about maintenance. There are exciting routines and regimens that make a huge difference to your skin health and can in fact remove sun damage and wrinkles. There are harsh acids that can strip off layers (see a professional dermatologist for them), but if you don’t then follow a protective routine, your ‘problems’ will return. So my tips learned from a lifetime with skin are:

1. Wear sunscreen (the importance of sunscreen can not be over stressed)

2. Exfoliate (it is impossible for your skin to glow if it is covered in layers of dead skin cells)

3. Find a routine that works and stick to it (your skin is alive and constant changes to biological systems cause chaos, once you introduce your skin to a routine, keep it for a while. Make changes slowly and gradually.)

Here are my favourites:

I have tried many, many different skin care routines – and I’m pretty good at sticking to them, but none of them impressed me like Rodan + Fields. I have tried Clinique and Clarins, Olay and Loreal – all good brands, but I didn’t see the impact with them that I did, and continue to, see with my R+F regimens.

None of them are cheap – and of course, you don’t want a good skincare product to be cheap. The expense comes form all the testing and quality formulations – and call me crazy, but if I’m going to be putting something on my skin, I want it to be well tested and have the right formulations. I love these products so much, that I have decided to become a consultant for them. I didn’t take this step lightly – it took me a long time to make the jump from user to consultant. I have personally been using the products since 2018.

My skin is sun damaged, so I use the Reverse regimen as my main routine. In the summer, because I spend every spare moment in the garden and I expose my skin to a lot of UV radiation, I swap to the Redefine regimen and return to the Reverse regimen as soon as the intensity of the sun, and my time in it, drops.

Reverse has a lovely citrus scent and works to remove those dark spots that appear as you are leaving your 30s or after pregnancy. As a handy side-effect, it has also helped to reduce some of my fine lines and makes my skin clear and bright.

Redefine smells like a spa – it’s a scent that I cannot quite pinpoint, but quite pleasant and luxurious. This one is the end-point regimen that we all aspire to reach.  Once we have worked through our original skin issues, we move toward this one. One day, I will have dealt with my sun damage and will then shift full-time to the Redefine regimen.

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