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Look Leaner with Accessories

As we age, we tend to be graced with more curves – some of the curves enhance and support our appearance, others – well they just create bumps in the visual line of our bodies. Although the long-term solution takes a considerable amount of effort and committment to diet and exercise, there are quick styling tips that will support a leaner looking visage.

Most of us have the required accessories in our existing wardrobe to create a leaner look in seconds. The following list are my go to pieces:

  1. A long necklace that sits below the bust – this creates a visual V-that breaks the line of the bust shelf that makes us look wider.
  2. A long-line cardigan in a smooth fabric without pattern or ribs – this helps divide the body in thirds which shaves width off the edges.
  3. Boots with a chunky heel that match the colour of your pants – creating a single colour creates a long line that brings focus in and down.
  4. If possible, wear hair up with dangly earrings – this makes the neck appear slimmer and longer.
  5. Be colour-wise – stick to one or two colours and reduce patterns to a minimum. Navy and Khaki are great options.

The long-line cardigan pictured here is one of my favourites. I got mine from Birdsnest, and I have to say, is one of my best investments. It has a smooth fabric in a flattering style. The asymmetry of the design disguises excess curves but sits comfortably with plenty of room to move. It is a great throw-over top for spring and autumn to create a lovely layer. The fabric is easy care and looks great even when you pick it up off the back of a chair. Mine drapes below the back of my knee at its longest point and sits below the elbow for a wrist-lengthening style.

I love it so much, after my initial navy purchase, I went back and bought it in three more colours!

The real trick to being able to master a leaner look is to know your body. Know the features you love and draw the attention to them, equally important, know the features you want to disguise and make clever style decisions to adjust them. Taking a moment to try out these tips will change the way you look at your wardrobe and help you improve your style so that you never need to say “I have nothing to wear”!

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