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June skin update 2020

Bringing my skin back to its former glory has been an event. It was one of those things that suddenly changed for the poorer – it’s on it’s way back now! More than two years ago, I hit that critical point where you realise that things will continue to deteriorate unless you actively decide to make changes. Granted, usually changes cost money and this can be a hurdle in itself, but sometimes, the change is needed.

Most of my life, I had dream skin. A little dry, but nothing to really worry about. I moisturised twice daily from my teenage years and things were good. Suddenly, (well it seemed sudden to me), things started to get a bit off kilter – and then a lot off kilter. My previously firm and plump skin started to show the effects of gravity and time. Years of sun damage felt the need to display themselves and despite adding so much moisturiser I was practically dripping, my skin looked dehydrated and tired – eek!

I chose to focus on the sun damage first – because that was on a rapid increase and every couple of weeks I seemed to have a new dark blotch appear somewhere on my face. I also readily admit, that the skin around my eyes needs particular help – I seem to have dark circles, puffiness and bags that could carry a week’s groceries – and that bit beside my ear – hmmm. I’m beginning the journey on that as I write this – but for the moment, let’s talk about the sun damage.

Now, I apologise in advance for the different lighting in these images – I hadn’t actually taken them to share – they were simply for me to track my progress.

August 2018
August 2019
June 2020

The damage is deep on this side of my face. Years of driving to and from work with the sun shining in on that side morning and afternoon has taken a toll. My face, neck, hands and arm on this side are significantly more damaged than the ‘non-driving’ side. Sunscreen has been an important part of my routine – so much so, that when I began to notice the impact of sun damage on this side of my face, I doubled the layers I was putting on this side. Now that was at least 15 years ago!

In the lead up to the current successful routine, I tried a few, less systematic, remedies – with little to no change. Now, I stumbled on to the successful routine, however, I am writing this so that you don’t have to stumble your way through – you can go directly to a successful routine – and you can modify it as you age and change.

shop R + F

In the autumn to spring months, I use this regime. It serves me really well and is designed to combat the sun damage. (In summer I use an anti-age Redefine routine).

After the general phase-in period, I use it twice daily – everyday. This is my normal cleanse, tone, moisturise and sunscreen. It brightens the skin and helps remove old layers. Sometimes, it does reveal damage that I didn’t know was there because it was hidden deep – which is a bit of an annoyance – but at least I’m working on it (even if I didn’t know it was there before).

More recently, I have added in the micro-dermabrasion paste. I use it every other day in the morning and substitute it for the Deep Exfoliating Wash in my standard routine. I absolutely love how this polishes my face.

It’s a bit addictive actually – I have to pace myself.

R+F microderm abrasion paste

I’m currently also dabbling with these two products – but they, for me, are more about those damn wrinkles – however, I’m sure they are supporting the sun damage routine.

Anyway, it’s probably needless to say, but I’m putting a lot of stuff on my skin in an effort to repair and rejuvinate it (because I’m terribly vain and didn’t like looking older than I actually was). Had I known about the R+F products (or had they existed) when I was younger, I may not now be dealing with the heavy damage I currently am managing. Please learn from my mistakes.

So, here are my top tips when it comes to reversing sun damge:

  1. Find a regimen where the products connect and support each other.
  2. Be consistent with your skin-care routine – morning and night.
  3. Understand that your skin changes over time and with hormonal fluctuations, diet and exposure.
  4. Try to stick with whatever products you choose for a year before moving on – good products take time to build a relationship with your biology.
  5. Talk to people who have great skin – find out what they are using.
  6. Start now – it is never too early.
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