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Invisible TVs have made it to Australia! For anyone who watches US and UK design shows (I’m totally guilty), The Frame TV has been a feature for some time. I have watched jealously as beautiful homes were decorated and styled with TVs included, yet invisible.  For most us, a TV is essential somewhere in the house, and although they have gotten flatter, thinner, bigger and more versatile – they have always been that big black rectangle dominating the space – until now!

Sensational Samsung

According to my research, they are 4K QLED (I know, tech speak is not my thing), but we do have a 4kQLED TV and the picture and colour is amazing! This one comes with a 20 artwork gallery with the option to subscribe for more with internet availability. It is mountable flat to the wall or on a stand. They come in all of the good sizes and are amazingly customisable! I imagine that they would use a bit more power than a non-image projecting TV, but I have done no research on that.

For the deatils people, the specs are linked here:

Samsung uses the tag line “TV when it’s on, art when it’s off”. This talented device comes with a range of customisable features including the filters for colour vividness, layout, mat colour and my favourite frame choice!

It is absolutely designed to blend into your decor in the best possible way – clever Samsung, very clever!

I don’t own one – yet, but I am dreaming of the potential and possibility of this device. Currently, we have a technology-free loungeroom, but just maybe, with this device, I could be convinced to change that rule. So if you have been patiently or not-so-patiently waiting for an invisible TV – it’s here!

[This is not a sponsored post, I have just been waiting for the day they arrived!]

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