Goals for 2021 – changes afoot!

Although 2020 was a surprising year for the world, sometimes filled with grief and sorrow, but also governed by a fundamental appreciation of what used to be ‘normal’, for me, it was a year of growth. In one of my posts I discussed the value in investing in among other things, your skin and your education – and 2020 was a year I took new steps in both of these aspects.

For my skin, and thanks to becoming an R+F consultant, I upgraded my skincare routine and reduced the plethora of products I was using to a simple few, high quality ones. I reduced and simplified my routines and make my products work for me – with substantial success!

More importantly though, I invested time and finances into self-education and am half-way through my third course! Finally, I completed an interior design course – a goal since I was a teenager! I also qualified as a stylist, and perhaps the most important for my 2021 goals, I am part way through a Horticultural Therapy course.

So, the goals for 2021? Well, I’m aiming to blog less but video more. I’m aiming to use gardening, horticultural therapy and styling to help others. I’m also aiming to find a better balance in my work life. So, this means, the blogs will be fewer and further between, but at some point, will transition into video content (once I have all the equipment I need).

What are your goals for 2021? 

I’m looking forward to a more creative year, I hope you come along for the journey.

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