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Finding Calm at Home

December is a month full of decisions and revisions. There are changes to our usual routine that bring joy and challenges. There is more traffic, more people, more energy and with that, more stress. December is a wonderful month to invest in your calm. Find your sense of self and maintain balance despite the business that surrounds us.

Taking the time to let go of the burdens of your day with a bit of exercise, some garden therapy or finding your happy place – all seems good and easy when it is a simple voice in the maelstrom of the day, but it is much more challenging in practice. Having a space at home that automatically brings that sense of calm is an opportunity worth considering because, once done, requires minimal effort and offers guaranteed results.

I have two calm ‘rooms’, both of them bring me instant peace when I step in. One is my lounge room – with an absence of technology, large light-filled windows and neutral colours. It looks out over two aspects of my yard and the landscape beyond. The other, my back deck. This is a direct connection with nature, yet undercover and comfortable. Here I can feel the breeze, hear the birds and sit with a coffee and just breathe.

If you don’t yet have a happy place, create one – you won’t regret having a calming space.

Keep your colours simple and understated to create calm. Pale blues, greys and beiges absorb small amounts of light and reflect the rest to keep a room relatively bright and airy feeling. Add plants, be they real or faux to bring in nature. Choose soft furnishes that encourage you to sit and touch them – add the benefits of tactile experience. A subtle scent of lavender, garden herbs or something fresh like eucalyptus, will add further benefit in a moment.

Developing the mental space for letting calm in is important. Take a breath, find a seat, and let your mind empty. If you create a space where you can do this, then half the battle is already won. If you cannot find calm in your own home, where will you find it?

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