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My own style journey has progressed because as I aged and my body changed shape, I found myself standing in a completely full wardrobe thinking that I had nothing to wear! Mentally, of course, I knew that wasn’t the case – but physically standing there and staring at my well organised clothes, I didn’t feel great about it. The reason this occurred, was because somewhere in the last 20 years I aged and my style changed. For a long time, I was drawn to a certain image and it wasn’t until that moment when the light bulb came on and I realised that my style had simply changed (and I hadn’t noticed).

When you are busy, you do what is simple and easy – and to be frank – what you can fit into your schedule. You develop a uniform. Your go-to items that work well with both your personal style and your body – and that is great – for as long as the status quo remains. Then one day, with a full wardrobe, you just know you have nothing to wear!

Fortunately, that is not actually true unless your body has very significantly changed shape. Which – thanks to menopause – can happen. The trick here is to re-evaluate your style; rediscover your wardrobe with different eyes. Create a new uniform. Dive back in – find your joy – you bought all of those clothes for a reason. All you need is a new tool kit on how to wear them; how to style them.

My style therapy began with Pinterest, finding my new style icons and has now levelled up to here – retraining in style and changing careers. Style is both deeply personal and also a very public aesthetic concept. Every time we walk out the door, we are showing off our style, our personal image of ourselves and who we would like to be. There are many style experts out there – some of them will gel with your personal ideals and some won’t. You don’t need all of the stylists – just the one whose aesthetic sparks joy in you and what you want to find in your wardrobe and personal presentation. One is enough.

The biggest obstacle I often encounter, living in Tasmania, is the weather. It is remarkably unpredictable. I do love that one day it is 34 degrees C and the next there is snow on Mt Wellington, but trying to dress for that can be a challenge. When I first moved to Tasmania – nearly 10 years ago, I felt cold all of the time. Granted, it was an unusal year with an unprecedented amount of cloud cover – but I didn’t get out of long-sleeved items from January until October – when we had a 38 degree C day! The next year, I was in t-shirts until June!

 I have since mastered the magic of layering and thermal undergarments. I do own the obligatory black puffer jacket – it’s not stylish, but there are days when you just need to be toasty warm regardless of how strong the wind is blowing. In my style evolution, I have invested in fabulous scarves, coats and boots. All things that are forgiving if you put on a little extra padding around the middle. I recognised that for my personality to shine through, I needed to express it in my outermost layers. So if one day you find yourself standing in your wardrobe with nothing to wear, take a deep breath, acknowledge that you are older, wiser and hopefully financially more stable than you used to be, and begin again – it’s an awesome journey to be on!

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