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Country Cottage Charm

Country cottage decor is a DIY dream! All you need to master this theme is the ability to sand and paint. White paint covers a multitude of sins and combined with a bit of careful distressing, country charm appears as if by magic.

This is a very popular theme in the USA in rural and regional locations. It is calm and has a rustic charm about it that makes you feel as though the decor pieces have had a life before (which, if you are DIY, then they have)!

Look for timber pieces and those that remind you of the countryside – think old dairies and farmyards. If you are a DIY person, now is the time to visit thrift shops and tip shops to find those bargain pieces that you can give a second life. Dints and dings, create the perfect background for these distressed items. Think white paint, brown wood and inspirational or family quotes.

The white base of this scheme is very calming. There is a lack of bright colour; accents are usually green or blue, which provides a natural link to the outside spaces. However, there is no real limitation on this as long as whatever colours are chosen work harmoniously together. Personaly, I prefer to tie in a bit of greenery.

Think old and worn, pre-loved and restored for your decorative accents.

Anything goes from wood to metal, concrete to rope. If it can be painted or distressed, then there is a good chance that whatever treasure you find, can have a place of distinction in this country cottage decor theme.

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