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When I began writing, I was in a very different place – physically and mentally. My son was very young and I wanted to keep a separation between my hobby and my day job. The result of this, was to select a pen-name based on a collection of significant family names – and so, Daisy-Jane Maxwell came into being. So here is the story of my books – and the other me, Daisy-Jane Maxwell. There are now six published works and several partially written manuscripts. I love to write – it’s great therapy for the mind, but it is a time consuming endeavour – she says having just committed to an article a day blog!

The beginnings

It all began with Elizabeth. Elizabeth was my first ever protagonist. A women driven to discover herself and her purpose, now an obvious reflection of where my head was at when I started my writing journey.  There are now multiple protagonists on an epic journey moving forward in time within the grand series Blood-Rose Guardians. 

In the journey of writing, there have been a few hiccups – not the least of which was my original publisher went bankrupt! So several of these books just became unavailable at short notice! However, if there are any die-hard fans trying to get a copy – I have a limited supply which can be purchased through my husband’s retail establishment (I’ll put a link in below).

This applies to the first edition of Elizabeth, Gabrielle, Pete, Aden and Juliette. 

Happily, by Thomas, I had a new publisher. Elizabeth has now been re-released in an updated edition (with some very slight content change) – both are linked to the publisher’s book store but are available at other shops too.

Elizabeth Blood-Rose Guardian: Book 1 (the new edition) is, hopefully, the beginning of the re-release of the entire seris – that is the intent, let’s see how it goes.

There is also a free novella available: Isolde A supplementary novella. Isolde was written as a character development. I never intended to officially publish it, so it is freely available.

5 things I learned from this journey

I learned that I love to write!

I learned to be flexible and let go of the things that I cannot control; to persevere in the face of adversity and to rise up despite the challenges of the experience.

I learned that sometimes, I need to step back and let things flow on without me, to build strength to re-engage later and pull things back together to move forward.

I learned that I have much to say and share with whomever will listen.

I learned that I don’t have time to do everything at once – and that’s okay.

Blood-Rose Guardians

Blood-Rose Guardians is a paranormal romance series. It explores all thing mythical and magical whilst following the journeys of the Guardians. It began with Elizabeth, but as her children come of age, she endeavours to pass the Guardian mantel to them.  All of the children have allies, each magical and gifted with special powers that are shared with their Guardian partner. The Guardians themselves are vampires, but the allies cross all magical and mythological realms. This is a fight for the Light and their lives; demons of the Darkness will do all that they can to remove the Guardians from their path. 

The books are written for adults, not children and are aimed at 16 years and above. They do contain some quite erotic moments.

I have included a couple of video promos here – please note the websites are no longer the same. I’ll endeavour to put updated links in the future – stay tuned.

In the meantime, happy reading!

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