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Creating a display using repurposed items.

This display is primarily based around the collection of bottles pictured. I have also incorporated a few other items I had on hand – a wooden boat (I bought nearly 20 years ago from Crazy Clints for $10), a vase with my wedding flowers (yes I kept them second-time around, and yes, totally fake) and a pot with red orchids (I bought from Target nearly ten years ago). The rest, however, are bottles that I thought were interesting and too nice to throw into the recycling bin.

The power of using these bottles is in the number and variety in the collection. There is a mixture of sizes, patterns, decorations and curves. When grouped, the collection reflects light at different levels and creates light in a dark corner. Yes- it started off with fewer bottles, and yes, it will continue to grow if something new catches my eye. 

Bottles from my grandmother and scent diffusers
Bottles from the pantry
Bottles that used to contain alcohol

The items delivering the red pop of colour are placed at diagonally opposite corners of the cupboard top. The one with the structure that is more interesting is placed at the front (the orchid), because it will be seen first.

The bottles are added in layers. Tallest at the back and shortest at the front. Note they are not in neat lines, there is some mixing of sizes to ensure visual interest. The prettiest one (an old gin bottle with flowers in the glass) is placed on the right side, because it can be seen from two vantage points.

Finally, the boat is added to the front. This has a couple of important impacts. 1. It ties the vignette into the general theme of the living space, which is coastal. 2. It covers the bases of many of the bottles and draws your eye first. It also hides the one bottle that I couldn’t get the label off (it’s a soy sauce bottle)!

A final word – look at the height transitions. There is a gradual change from high to low in multiple directions – this provides balance that calms the mind. 


  1. High to low bottles -from the back toward the front.
  2. High to low feature pieces – both diagonally front to back and also left to right.
These bottles are all colourless because the dark corner needed the light, but, I do have a few other coloured bottles saved about the place.
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