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Colour Forecast 2021 – Dulux

Colour is a serious business. It informs our entire lives, whether we are aware of it or not. Every company that deals in colour, be that in paint, fabric, clothing or decor, has it’s own ideas on what will be the coming colours of the season. Whilst Pantone is the colour guru, everyone else has their own take based on their local circumstances. Dulux has just released their colour forecast for 2021 and it is earthy.

Based around three heart-felt concepts: reset, nourish and retreat, it seems that Dulux want’s us to find our balance in 2021 and move beyond the trials of 2020.  The colours are rich but muddy pulling in the shades of the environment in shadow. They are calming and lean towards neutral.

Personally, I’m enjoying the retreat palette with its stormy hues. The white-on-white push seems to be having an ebb at the moment with these new neutrals coming through in force. Generally, I’m not one for muddy colours, however, there is something calming in Dulux’ colour forecast that I do find appealing. These are cosy colours that invite you in and wrap you in a generous hug!

Whilst Pantone’s colour forecast is long awaited and still a couple of months away, this one from Dulux is a lovely place to start if you are thinking about updating your colour palette in a room or two. If the US scene is anything to take note of – and, like it or not, it is – then these rich ochre colours are on the rise for people in their twenties and thirties. The need to find comfort at home has increased markedly this year and so Dulux may have just hit the nail on the head with these snug-worthy colours.

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