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Clever cabinets

I’m one of those annoying people who would prefer that their home looks like a magazine shoot. As I don’t live alone, that is not entirely possible all of the time (or ever) – but where I can, I put in systems to help ease the pain and create a harmonious look. The laundry in our old home used to drive me nuts! It was small and over full – functional – but not particularly pretty. 

When we moved into our current house, I decided I was going to carefully work my way through the house and create the harmonious spaces I craved. The laundry has presented some interesting challenges. It is also a main thoroughfare in and out of the house – and can be, at times, the first room guests see. So, how to make it presentable and functional?

We painted it white, added some additional storage and decor. There are faux plants, a clock and lots of places to hang coats. Most importantly though, there is room to dry laundry, that I can hide when guests arrive.

Now, had this image been curated for a magazine shoot, all of the clothes would have had their own harmonious story, but it hasn’t – it’s just my washing this week. Ignore the washing, it’s not the important bit, look at where it is hanging. These clever cabinets have rails that pull out!

I could hang clothing over them like a standard clothes horse, but I prefer to use coat hangers . I store my hangers inside them, and the best bit – when guests arrive, close the cabinets (sans washing of course) and they become neat and tidy storage. What a clever cabinet!

We bought these cabinets from Bunnings as a flat pack (not sponsored). We had to build them, and then, mount them on the wall- which we decided to do at two different heights to allow for different length wardrobe items. The coat-hangers live in the lower cabinet sitting under the rails and the whole lot is neatly tucked away. Needless to say, I’m pretty happy with my laundry at this house! 

For those of you looking for just such a cabinet it is called: Flatpax Utility 900mm Drying Cabinet. I can only find it at Bunnings. (Because I am not an affiliate linked with Bunnings – I cannot link it, but it is easy enough to find on their website. They even have a video on how to build it.)

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