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Bunny Ears Bra – DD review

Let me begin by saying that I really wanted this to be a success! I have some lovely tops and dresses that would really be able to shine if I had that perfect strapless bra. I tried to get the authentic version of the Rabbit Bra – now, I’m not sure that I did, because, quite frankly, it was an utter failure (yes, I was tempted to say ‘udder failure’)! I did pay $39.95AUD for them, which seemed about right (compared to all the cheaper knock-offs around), but the result was not great.

Now let me preface this review by saying two things are working against me: firstly, I am a DD and that is a lot of mass being pulled down by gravity for any bra to deal with, and secondly, I run a bit hot on my face and chest.

I’m not sure whether either of these factors contributed to the poor success of this endeavour, but I’m not ruling it out. To be fair, because I run hot, I cannot get an all day lipstick to last more than 2 hours either!

The Pros...
  • Once I got used to the lack of straps and band, I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of freedom.
  • On the initial trial run, I got 6 hours of fairly decent support out of the bunny-ears.
  • They were easy to apply and remove.
The Cons...
  • As I said, I got about 6 hours out of them, then one side had somehow remained attached and yet slid down my chest. I was very lopsided and hadn’t realised that it had happened.
  • Although I ordered the recommended size, it didn’t nearly cover enough of the breast for my liking and, because of the lack of coverage, when I lifted the ears into position, a great deal of tissue was pushed out to the side.
  • The nature of the stick and lift causes a wierd shape overall.
  • The fabric of the items is quite thick, which gives very pronounced lines under a garment.
  • After washing and drying in the recommended way, I attempted a second wear – the bunny ears pulled of my chest and could not support the weight at all. Despite the advertised ‘about 1000 wears’ – I got 3/4 of one wear.

It might be absolutely amazing for women with much smaller cup sizes than a DD. It might also be better on women who have never breast-fed. I, however, am disappointed. The recommended size is far too small to support the amount of tissue in the cup size and therefore the mass of that tissue and the shape it becomes when attempting to lift it. The stickability of the gummy substance reduced to a non-functional level after just one wear.

If you really want to try such a contraption, here are my tips:

  1. Size way up. The more coverage over the breast, the better the weight distribution will be across the ears and the more likely they are to support that weight.
  2. They will show under clothing, be mindful of what you would want to wear them under.
  3. If you run hot, then they are not likely to hold their stick.

I hope this was helpful. This was not a sponsored experience – I paid for the experience myself and am hoping that this post saves others from wasting their time and money.

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