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Bringing the Outdoors In

One of the great joys of living in Tasmania is, if you can find a place out of the wind, the indoor-outdoor season is long. In winter, we bring the outdoors in, but from early spring right through to late autumn, we take the indoors out! Our weather operates in a narrow window thanks to our state being surrounded entirely by water.

Our hot summer days do not compare to a mainland summer in the slightest, and equally, the coldest winter days are not as cold as mainland Australia either – but we do have fierce winds. Get out of the wind though, and there are a lot of perfect days for enjoying the outdoors. This said, July and August are the times to bring the outdoors in!

The easiest way, of course, is to open up those window coverings and let the sun fill the house with light and warmth. While there is light, there can be plants, so bring a few of those in too! I’m loving a bit of cane furniture at the moment – this certainly brings that outdoor – tropical island feel inside. A few tropical cushions added to the mix; a print or two for the walls; perhaps a jute rug – and suddenly the idyllic outdoor life can be in the climate controlled warmth of your living room!

Find your sunny spot indoors and fill it with a splash of green, a dash of jute, a few faux or real plants and a touch of cane and you will, believe it or not, mentally transport yourself to a lovely indoor outdoor space. Throw in a welcome pineapple for good measure and indulge in the joys of bringing the outdoors in!

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