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Brilliant boots…

By far the most dominant form of footwear in my collection is boots. I am an absolute sucker for a pair of them. I willingly sacrifice some of my other shopping desires if an awesome pair of boots comes on sale! 

The beginning of my love affair with boots began when I slipped on my first pair of Django & Juliettes in 2016. From the moment I took those latte boots out the box, I was enamoured. The craftsmanship, the detail, the comfort…this was the beginning of what, some might say, is my boot obsession. Now, not all of my boots are Django and Juliette brand – but where I can get them, they are absolutely, without a doubt, my brand of choice.

The nature of the Tasmanian landscape suits a chunky heel. Anything too dainty succumbs to the ravages of the footpath, gravel paths and carparks, and pressure from the hilly gradients rather quickly.  A good solid, chunky heel on the other hand, really stands the test of time. I prefer leather for its durability and ability to mould itself around my foot, but with that comes a level of expense that I cannot, despite by love for boots, justify at times.

What makes Django & Juliette so special?

I think that I am drawn to the Django and Juliette brand because of their sense of fun. Whilst there are the usual array of practical and safe boots (and other shoes for that matter – I don’t always wear boots), there are also those really risky designs that give the wearer no option but to exude confidence. Beautiful designs are complemented with extravagant colour combinations to give you something really special!

From the moment I slip them on to my feet they feel good – after a few wears to break them in – they feel like heaven! I have notoriously picky feet, but these ones work for me in every style and shape that I own. I think it is the leather that ensures the comfort. To be fair, sometimes I think my other boots are pretty comfortable, and I forget just how good my D&Js are…and then – bliss! This is probably, above all other reasons, why I like them so much.

To generalise though, I like boots because they come in different heighted heels, they support my ankles and my longer ones are warm in the winter because they protect all of my lower leg. The ones I own, predominantly being of the block heel variety, are very stable on the ground and tend to cope well with the terrain of Tasmania.  I prefer an almond or a pointed toe to elongate my legs – and this is where my addiction shows, I try very hard to match the boots I am wearing to the pants or tights I am wearing on any given day.  This little quirk means that I do not only shop one brand of boots – I try my hand at many – and sometimes, I have been bitterly disappointed. Here are a few that I’m keeping my eye on at the moment:

There are a few boots worthy of watching for the fashionista. I’m not watching them, because I already own them and they are on rotation in my wardrobe. However, the ones worth considering are:

  • White boots (either knee height or ankle length). I recommend sourcing a pair with a black or wooden heel.
  • Knee high pink or skin tone boots.
  • A black pair of ankle boots with some form of stud decoration.
  • Shearling boots.

As we dive into autumn, I highly recommend investing in a pair of great boots. Make them your style, appropriate for your feet and the best quality you can afford – you wont regret having a great pair of boots, but be warned – if you are not careful, you may end up like me, with an entire collection of brilliant boots!

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