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Bright, Bold and Beautiful

From A-Z (Alexa to Zimmermann), fashion for the coming spring-summer season is bright, bold and beautiful. Colours are reminiscent of sunsets and carnivals, styles are bold and a bit nostalgic, but all of them are beautiful! The coming season is an eclectic powerhouse where everyone has a seat at the table. From Chanel’s bold black, white and sequins, to Louis Vuitton’s candy coloured athleisure – there is designer inspiration at every corner!

What does this mean for the average fashionista? Well…anything goes! If you love a strong floral and a bit of smocking – it’s in; if you love a monochromatic with structure – it’s there too; if you are craving a bit of 50s and 60s revival – well, you are also in luck. The ability to pick and choose is grand. It is as though the fashion houses have demanded we step up and dive back in following a year in loungewear!

Florals, typical of spring and summer, have new and exciting elements and interesting nods to traditions of the past. Toile de jouy patterns which Tory Burch and Dior have been exploring for the last few seasons are appearing all over the place, and exciting inclusions of all things natural are on the rise! Australian brands in particular – Oroton and Zimmermann, have embraced the beauty and wonder of the natural world in their stunning prints. It is quirky, unexpected and fun – a celebration of global proportions!

As far as inspiration goes, what we are seeing is that prints and designs from fashion past are fresh and new again, colour and the celebration of life is worth embracing, and most importantly, there is a style for everyone!

If you have the disposable income and size to dive into designer outfits, then be bold and brave, if not, look to the styling of our matriarchs. Look back in time, to find a modern take on style. Reimagine pieces already hiding in your wardrobe, your mother’s wardrobe and your grandmother’s wardrobe – be bright, bold and beautiful!

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