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Versatile furniture: the humble bedside table

One of the most affordable and versatile pieces of furniture that you can acquire is the humble bedside table. They are masterful at being more than they were designed to be and are best considered as small cabinets rather than bedside furniture. While it’s true, they do sit perfectly beside the head of a bed, these same creatures are excellent in the living room or home study. The make an awesome stand in a corner and if you stack a few side-by-side, you create a buffet-style cabinet worthy of a mid-century revival.

In the years before I had a stable income, I was a sustainable shopper – in the sense that I looked for pre-loved furniture which I could get at a great deal. It was in this phase of my life that I had to look beyond what a furniture item was designed to be and explore what it could be. This was when the humble bedside table became a shining star in my household.

Whether it is a statement piece you are looking for, or just a subtle piece to pop into the corner with a vase of flowers and a couple of sentimental frames on it – there is a bedside table that will suit your needs. The second great advantage of the bedside table, is that they are not usually hideously expensive. Some are open, some have cupboards or drawers – most can be painted and the hardware changed to suit your style.

So, whether it’s a touch of Hollywood Regency, a bit of Hamptons Coastal or something more rustic and rural, there is a bedside table that will suit your needs. Price points vary, as with any furniture, but don’t forget the pre-loved furniture available as well. With a little TLC, something old and battered can become country chic with a bit of sandpaper and a coat of paint. Bedside tables are hardworking pieces that provide a versatility found in few other furniture pieces. As a cost-effective option, they are well worth considering for any room in the house.

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