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Blending Planting and Art

Indoor and outdoor spaces benefit not only by adding the green element of plants but also considered pots and planters to hold them. Sculptural, organic or coloured options add the extra depth or excitement to the decor of the space. Whether it is an expression of style or a pop of colour, a planter or pot can add the extra something.

For a greater sense of styling, collect pots and planters of different sizes and scales. Position them together in groups of 3 or 5 for a pleasing vignette that draws the eye and enhances the space. Look for pots and planters that have a relationship through either colour family or form for the most harmonious displays.

One of the great things about pots and planters, beside them being reusable and transferrable, is that they can look just as good empty as filled with your favourite plant.  In the times between repotting or potting up, an empty pot can act as a vase (with a drainage ammendment) or an objet d’art. Carefully considered vessels will perfom multiple roles in home decor.

When you add that new indoor plant to purify the air, also consider its impact in your home decor. Choose an interesting pot or planter to create a decor item that complements and enhances your space. Be mindful of drainage requirements to ensure your surfaces are safe, but beyond that – dig in!

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