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Adult Acne Anguish

I can only imagine the anguish of adults that continue to suffer from problem skin and acne beyond their teenage years. I am blessed to have always had relatively clear skin (only about 15% of the population are this lucky)! Sure, I get the occassional spot, but by and large, my skin is clear. I do, however, have adult friends who still suffer from skin conditions. I’d love to be able to say to them, R+F has something that can fix that, but broaching the topic can cause such distress that it is difficult to do so – hence this blog post, I guess. 

In my experience, it is not a conversation starter – particularly with adults. The impact on quality of life can be profound and have long-term effects on well-being – and so make it a challenging topic to bring up.

R+F was founded by dermatologists – skin doctors who genuinely care about helping people improve their skin. While I use the products to rejuvinate and regenerate the damage to my skin, there are two ranges of products designed to treat acne and spots.

  1. Unblemish for adults
  2. Spotless for teens

Unblemish not only helps with acne, but also has anti-aging support as well. By all reports, it is a fabulous product changing lives for the better.

I see many teens covering their spots with thick layers of makeup – which is undoubtedly making them worse and I remember many of my female friends doing the same in my younger years. I was well into my adult years before the Pro-Active skin-care revolution that cleared up people’s skin across the world occurred (interestingly, developed by the very same doctors as Unblemish) .

The statistics...

According to R+F, if you have acne or spotty skin, you are not alone.

Somewhere in the order of 85% of teen and young adults have spots and acne.

While up to 40% of adults continue to have acne and spots beyond their teen and early adult years.

Other research I was examining, gave me higher numbers -particularly in women. Interestingly, in some of the studies, the impact of acne on quality of life was noted and featured conditions that included anxiety and depression. It is an important topic to be mindful of because it impacts the whole person. Clear, healthy skin is such an important part of self-confidence, and if you are being impacted by spots and acne – then there is room to grow and improve in this area. 

Please know, if this resonates with you, that there are some amazing products available now to help.

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