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Adding Drama: Monochromatic Art

I’m looking out the window at what is essentially another monochromatic day. The silhouttes of the trees against a drab grey sky bring a dramatic edge to the skyline. It is powerful and peaceful at the same time – which got me thinking about art.

Monochromatic art is a fabulous way to create drama in a space. It doesn’t matter the wall colour, it doesn’t matter the theme of the room – there is a piece just waiting to highlight any space.

Be it a little abstract or a little tribal, a nature print or a portrait, the monochromatic format creates a statement on any wall. In a stacked collection leaning against the wall or a carefully curated gallery, monochromatic images will tie together and create harmony regardless of their content.

Whether there is a base of black or a base of white will impact the presence and visibility of the art. A white base will seem vibrant and draw the eye; a black base more moody and subtle.

Consider the frame carefully, there should be a natural flow between art and wall. A frame that creates too much focus will detract from the art. Personally, I like to keep it all monochromatic and choose either a black or white frame. I love a mat to really highlight the art in an oversized frame. 

The great thing about monochromatic art is that it is very simple to create yourself. So if you are looking for something to give drama, depth and peace to an area – consider making or buying something monochromatic.

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