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A Vase Moment

From the sleek and classical to the abstract and whimsical, vases are having a moment in home decor. They are being tucked neatly into vignettes sans botanticals, to create dimension and depth. I’m loving the daring designs and push for opaque surfaces. 

Vases are like cushions. They add texture and colour to a shelf quickly and without pressure, because if you grow tired of them just move them or pop them in a cupboard for a while.

Interestingly, some of the more historical designs are coming back but remixed in a new and contemporary feel. We are seeing colours perfectly adapted for the younger market. Textures and shapes are creating interest – especially when grouped together. The same shape vase in a variety of tones within the one colour family is a lovely twist on this ancient vessel.

Materials are changing to suit our decor themes and there is a throwback to tribal elements. This is a fabulous way to update your home decor because everything old is new again. This trend doesn’t even need to be shopped, just rummage in the back of your cupboard for the pieces you’ve been keeping from your grandmother, dust them off and give them pride of place. Express yourself in the wide variety of designs and materials and enjoy this moment in vase revivalism!

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