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5 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Skincare

My mid-thirties was the point of my skin epiphany! It crept up on me without my noticing, then one day I had neck wrinkles and pigmentation! As I stared at my face and neck in the mirror, I realised that my skin was aging a lot faster than my mind – and I wasn’t ready for it – no way, no how! Were there solutions? Of course there were, many of them way beyond my budget – but it was clear something had to be done!

It took me a few more years to find the perfect remedy for my skin. It took some research and an understanding of what I was trying to reverse in order to return my skin to a more youthful appearance. Happily I found it, and continue to maintain a skincare routine twice daily (using R+F products). I no longer have extensive pigmentation (it is just about all gone) and my neck wrinkles have become far less pronounced. In addition, although I’m now edging ever closer to 50, I have also stemmed the onslaught of other typical signs of aging such as crow’s feet and frown-lines.

So, what are the 5 signs that it is time to update your skincare?

  1. Dullness – your youthful shine and glow have been replaced with dull and tired looking skin.
  2. Pigmentation – the appearance of larger darker patches of skin across those parts of your face that have been touched by the sun.
  3. Fine lines – initially subtle fine lines around the eyes, mouth, forehead and ears, that over time, become deeper and more pronounced.
  4. Sagging skin – particularly around the jowls and ears, under the neck (and on the back of your hands).
  5. Wrinkles – not just fine lines, but persistent, ever growing lines and sagging skin that form shadows.
skin damage
Signs of skin damage and aging.

What to do about it – well, you need a skincare routine – plain and simple. It’s time to stop hoping those signs are temporary and will go away on their own – they won’t. It is up to you as the master of your body to take charge and develop a routine to help you turn back the damage of sun, dehydration, stress and time.

I personally love R+F products, but you need to find what works for you – the time is now, start the journey to happier, healthier and more youthful appearing skin!

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