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5 Reasons to Focus on Your Skin Now

Many of us think about our skin in terms of our face, but as one of the most important organs of the body, it is worth your time, effort and hard-earned dollar to keep it healthy.

Here are 5 reasons to focus on your skin now:

  1. The skin is fundamental for your thermoregulation. Thanks to several complementary processes such as vasodilation and piloerection – the skin helps you maintain a body temperature within safe limits. 
  2. The skin excretes waste. Not as famous as your kidneys, but just as important, the skin is an excretory organ that removes unwanted substances – excess salts and urea, from your body to help you maintain an internal balance.
  3. The skin protects agaisnt pathogens. The protective barrier and chemical secretions on the surface of the skin help keep a plethora of micro-organisms out of your body at every moment. Without your skin, your body would be exposed and vulnerable to the constant attack of viruses, bacteria and parasites.
  4. The skin manufactures benefical chemicals. Your skin is your primary synthesiser of Vitamin D which is essential for normal functioning of the body and absorption of calcium.
  5. The skin is your personal aesthetic. The first thing people tend to notice about you is your face, more specifically the skin on your face. Our skin type, colour, pigmentation, smoothness and brightness are qualitites noted about us – and whether we like it or not, judgements are made about our whole person in seconds based on the quality of our skin.

Looking after your skin is a multilevel approach. The skin, as with any other part of our body, requires nutrients, exercise and care from environmental dangers. In essence, what you eat, what you do, and what you put on your skin all matters- and the sooner you look after your skin, the better its longevity will be.

Looking After Your Skin

It’s not rocket science – but we are prone to neglect it because our skin is always there, doing its thing and hopefully it is happy. It only tends to be when a warning sign from our skin brings our attention to it, that we notice something is out of balance – a dark pigmentation blotch, eczema, pimples and wrinkles – all spring to mind.

Here are the obvious things to consider when keeping your skin happy:

  1. Keep it clean – cleansing morning and night will remove chemicals, pollution and toxins from the skin surface.
  2. Keep your gut happy – a healthy gut biome is reflected in healthy skin.
  3. Wear sunscreen – sun damage is time-consuming and expensive to reverse. It is far better to prevent this in the first place.
  4. Nourish it – add hydration, vitamins and moisturisers of good quality to feed your skin from the outside.
  5. Mssage and exfoliate – give your skin stimulation and remove dead surface cells to invigorate new cell growth.

Like so many of our other organs, we only get one skin for our lifetime. We are lucky that it has a regular rejuvination cycle, but, as we age, this slows down and we need to be more careful of our skin – as with any other body part, to ensure it will see us through. Our skin is the wrapping that keeps the marvel of our body inside – if it becomes tattered, then we will notice damage to the gift inside. To truly benefit from the wonder of your skin – look after it on the inside as well as the outside.

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