Welcome to Life-Styled and Garden Therapy!

My aims…

The aim or mission of this site, at this point in time, is to twofold. 1. Help people create and enjoy aspects of gardening that support wellbeing, and 2. help people to navigate style and design (there will be an overlap). Whether this be personal style and fashion, styling interior spaces or exterior spaces – it’s about helping you be comfortable in the space and skin that you are in. 

The intention for this site is to be helpful and supportive. There will be some advertising to generate income to support the site and activities that go with that, but it will not be so excessively  covered with ads that you won’t be able to find your way around.  If something is sponsored, I will state as much, otherwise, I will be trying to link in advertisers that are willing to work with me to help me help you.

At the moment…

The intention is to offer guidance and support, to show you what I do, and, if that appeals to you – then I invite you to join the style or gardening journey with me. (Please subscribe)

This is my site – here I control the content and the advertising; the social media platforms are not personally owned and therefore, there are limits to what I can control there. The big picture intention is to create content on Youtube – but that is still in the preparation phase.

Thanks in advance…

Thank you for engaging with the content. Where possible, I will try to create clickable links behind the images so that you can follow them back to the source – whether that be a store, information site or support network. 

Enjoy your life – styled!

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