Welcome to Life-Styled and Garden Therapy!

My aims...

The aim or mission of this site, at this point in time, is to help people create and enjoy aspects of gardening that support wellbeing. Whether this be planting or styling exterior spaces – it’s about helping you be comfortable in the space that you are in. 

The intention for this site is to be helpful and supportive. 

At the moment...

The intention is to offer guidance and support, to show you what I do, and, if that appeals to you – then I invite you to join the style or gardening journey with me. (Please subscribe)

This is my site – here I control the content and the advertising; the social media platforms are not personally owned and therefore, there are limits to what I can control there. 

This website and blog uses the Ashe Pro template. I’m enjoying the design style and ease of use. It is a WordPress option. For more information about Ashe Pro, click on the image below.

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